The Spanish Parliament approves to recognize the right to BDS as a freedom of expression and meeting

On June 27th the Committee for Cooperation of the Spanish Congress of Deputies unanimously approved the Non-Legislative Proposal made by our Confederate Parliamentary Group, which comprises the political parties or movements Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-En Marea, regarding the legitimate defense of Human Rights. The agreement approved by all the parliamentary groups urges the Government of Spain to “recognize and defend the right of Palestinian and Israeli human right activists, and of other countries, to carry out legal and pacific activities protected by freedom of expression and assembly, including the right to promote BDS (boycott, disinvestment and sanctions) campaigns.”

This approval implies that the Spanish Government must recognize these rights and act against the harassment that activists in Spain, and in many other countries, suffer in the course of their pacific, legal and legitimate campaigns against the violation of human rights in Palestine. Congress thus endorses acknowledgement of BDS as freedom of expression, following the steps of Federica Mogherini, Vice-President and High Representative of the European Union, of the Governments of Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden, and of the Parliament of Navarre. This approval implies that our Government must recognize the rights and act against.

In recent months Podemos has defended actions against the repression of and threats to BDS activists such as Omar Barghouti, and the cancellation of a lecture entitled “Palestine Society in the face of Occupation and Apartheid, Non-Violent Resistance, Boycott of Israel (BDS) and for Human Rights” scheduled for the 31st of January this year at the Casa Arabe in Madrid. Said cancellation led Podemos to raise a parliamentary question, which was answered by the Government. This action, together with many others, reflects the commitment of Podemos towards the respect for human rights, international law and stance against apartheid in Palestine.

In addition to Palestine, the Non-Legislative Proposal approved today also urges the Government to protect individuals who defend human rights, highlighting specific threats against the defense of environmental rights in Latin America and LGTBI rights. Unfortunately, assassinations of persons like Berta Caceres, for denouncing the abuses committed by transnational organizations in Honduras, and Hande Kader, for denouncing the harassment and violence against transgender people and homosexuals in Turkey, are just the best known of a long list of persecutions all over the world of persons and organizations in their defense of Human Rights.

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