We launch the first edition of the Al-Bahr Festival of short films about the Arab World


The Al-Quds Association announces a call for submission of short films to the 1st Edition of the Al Bahr International Festival of Short Films on the Arab World, with the objective of promoting Arab films in our country and reconsidering our orientalist vision of contemporary Arab societies. From these shores of the Mediterranean, with a critical outlook based on human rights and social denunciation, we seek to make visible the plurality and diversity of the people who inhabit the Arab World and of the communities who come from said world but who live elsewhere.



  1. The subject matter of the short films must be related to the people of the Arab world. They must have been filmed or produced in those territories. If they were filmed or produced in other countries that are not part of the Arab world, they must deal with subjects related to the communities that belong to the Arab world.
  2. The short films must not last more than 30 minutes, including credits.
  3. Only short films produced after January 1st 2017 will be accepted.
  4. Short films may be registered from March 12th 2020 to May 12th 2020 (both inclusive).
  5. Short films must be in Spanish or in the original version with Spanish subtitles.
  6. All types of films, whether fiction, animation, documentary or others, are allowed, provided that they deal with social issues.
  7. The participants authorize the Festival to use clips from the short films for dissemination purposes in any kind of media. Likewise, the Festival may use photographs of the short films and of the directors in the Festival Catalogue and to deliver to the media.
  8. Once a short film has been selected by the Festival, it cannot be withdrawn.
  9. The Festival may reject the participation of any audiovisual production that does not satisfy the necessary technical conditions to enable good quality screening or that does not comply with these rules.
  10. The production companies will assign their screening rights to the Festival during the dates of the event, and during the film exhibition to be organized by the Al-Quds Association in Jaen in 2020.
  11. The registered films will be included in the media center managed by the Association and used solely and exclusively for cultural and educational exhibitions, and teaching and training activities not for profit. Any screenings other than the ones mentioned will be subject to screen rights agreed with the production companies.
  12. The production companies will provide the film in the format requested by the Festival.
  13. The production/distribution of the short films that are awarded a prize undertake to make mention thereof in all advertising and press materials, using the Festival’s logo. This logo will be sent to the email addresses used by the Festival for registration purposes.
  14. Registration in the Festival implies confirmation that the films are original works and do not constitute plagiarism and do not violate any other third party rights, rules, regulation or law whatsoever, the filmmakers being solely liable for any irregularity arising from the screening of the films in the Festival or of the use of any of the materials submitted.
  15. The Festival’s organizers shall not be liable for any matter in connection with copyrights of the films registered.
  16. The production companies shall have the responsibility of including all the credits of the films registered, and shall have be held individually accountable in the event of third party claims for any breach of this obligation.
  17. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules.


  • Admission of films: from March 12th to May 12th 2020
  • Publication of films selected for the Festival: May 15th 2020
  • Festival dates: June 3rd 2020


  • Films can be registered online through the platform Festhome:
  • Should you have any questions, please contact: comunicacion@alqudsandalucia.org
  • All the persons whose films are selected for screening in the Festival must send the link to download their films to: comunicacion@alqudsandalucia.org


  • First Jury Prize for the best short film: trophy or commemorative plaque
  • Second Jury Prize for the best short film: trophy or commemorative plaque
  • Special Prize of the Audience: trophy or commemorative plaque

There will not be any monetary award.

The prizes will be given on June 3rd 2020, the day of the Festival.

The organizers will facilitate, to the extent of their possibilities, the presence of the persons representing the short films that are finalists at the Festival on June 3rd 2020. In case said persons are not able to attend, a video of appreciation from the winning films will be accepted for screening at the Festival.


  • The organizers of the Festival will choose the jury, that will consist of representatives and professionals from the media, the academic, audiovisual, artistic and cultural sectors of the Arab world
  • The works selected by the jury will be notified by means of the contact address provided in the registration form.
  • The Jury will select at least five films from amongst all those submitted to the competition for screening, including the award-winning films.
  • The Jury’s decision cannot be appealed and do not have to be justified.
  • The Festival’s organizers may be present at the Jury’s deliberations and communications, but will not have the right to vote.
  • The Jury’s decision and the other prizes and mentions will be announced on June 3rd 2020, the day of the Festival.
  • The Prize of the Audience will be awarded to the finalist films based on the audience’s votes after each screening.

The Festival organizers reserve the right to modify the date of the Festival if necessary for reasons beyond their control.

For any queries or clarifications regarding this invitation to participate, interested persons may contact the Al-Quds Association using the email: comunicacion@alqudsandalucia.org

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